Common Tools You Need for Cell Phone Repair

Nowadays, you can get a variety of mobile phones. Some are cheap while others are expensive. No matter how expensive your phone may be, know that it is a fragile unit. It’s important to keep in mind that cell phones are really sensitive device. That’s why they can’t withstand a single fall in most cases. This fragility is what helps the cell phone repair industry a lot of money.

Now, if you want to find out how to repair cell phones, make sure you know the tools that you must own. Given below are a few important tools that should be at your disposal before you start your repair shop.

Nylon Spudger

Nylong spuder, as the name suggests, is a nylon tool. This tool is anti-static which makes it an ideal choice to fix cell phones. Actually, it’s used to work on the tiny components on a handset circuit. Without this thing, you can’t work on the device with your bare hands. Also, the backside of this tool is a great choice if you want to hook wires.


As far as handling the tiny components of phones is concerned, you need to get fine tipped tweezers. The tweezers are curved that allow you to get access to small places where other tools may not work.

Screwdriver Kit

In order to repair a cell phone, make sure you know how to disassemble it first. In fact, you may have to open and close the device several times. Although a simple screwdriver is used to open a lot of electronic device, you can’t do with this tool when working on a mobile phone.

You need a special toolkit instead. In fact, you have to get a full screwdriver kit to make sure you can open any type of screw on a phone.

Plastic Triangle Opening Tool

Although you may think opening a mobile phone is easy, know that it may still require a special technique. If you want to make the opening easier, you should buy a plastic triangle tool. The edge of this tool is made to open many different parts of a cell phone. And this is done without causing any damage to the handset as safety is of paramount importance when handling expensive phones.

Knife Set

This is a special knife that you need to cut, scrap, clean or do any other type of repair job, especially a job that requires you to use a sharp object. In this set, you have a lot of blades. Every knife has a different shape and handle.

Antistatic Brush

Since mobile phones are not opened on a daily basis, they may collect dust over time. So, the inside of the phone may need to be cleaned. When cleaning the inside of a phone, you can’t use a regular brush as it may cause a lot of damage to the circuit. So, it’s much better to go with an anti-static brush instead. It can be used to clean the circuit in a safe manner.

In short, make sure you buy and learn to use these tools before you start repairing mobile phones.

You need a variety of tools to perform a mobile phone repair job, such as a spudger tool aka nylon spudger. You can check out Spudgers to buy different types of cell phone repair tools.

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With International Calling Cards, No One Is Too Far

Globalization is not only an economic phenomenon it is also an individual development where an individual is required to travel at a global level for various reasons. Thus currently the need to make international calls has considerably increased as compared to earlier times. Earlier foreign calls were made only during emergencies and by using VoIP process that requires a computer to make the call at a reasonable rate.With growing demand and technological advancement the face of calling to other countries has also changed. The calling card is one of the best and latest contributions of network companies towards cheap and convenient international calling.

These cards reduced the international call rates to such an extent that they are almost equal to local call rates. Mainly there are two types of such calling cards pre-paid and post-paid cards. Pre-paid cards are advance payment system, you need to pay in advance for the calls that you are supposed to make. On the other hand in post-paid calling cards the user receives a bill for the calls he makes at the end of the month.Both these cards have their own pros and cons. The prepaid calling card is more popular than post-paid calling cards as it helps the user to keep track of his expenses and allows him to control it. Whereas in post-paid calling cards the user receives a bill at the end of the month which might turn out to be unexpected.

The international cards are activated through a PIN number and access code which is received via e-mail by the potential user. Than what is left to be done is choose a destination country and a desired scheme insert the PIN number and access code and start calling. This facility can be availed till the period of validity and after that recharge and top up facilities are available to extent the validity of the card. Cheap international calling cards are available in all leading networks like Virgin, Vodafone, Orange, O2, T mobile and Three networks.

This is nothing but the result of growing competition in the market. These international cards have been made available on online shopping portal for easy reach of the customer. Except dirt cheap call rates the network companies are also providing various free gifts and incentives to earn more and more users. So why wait to make that call to your loved one living abroad? Just log on, find your card and get connected.

Adam Caitlin is expert author of Telecommunication industry.

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Why Prepaid Wireless

Prepaid wireless service has gained popularity because of the advantages it offers consumers. It has become an attractive alternative to a regular wireless plans that often come with long-term contracts and higher cost.

Aside from being off contracts, prepaid services have also helped people budget the costs of their phone bills. Through these, parents can limit and control phone usage of their children. Likewise, prepaid services have found their niche among people who plan to use mobile phones only for emergency situations.

However, there are a little disadvantages that go with prepaid wireless services. The phone selection is limited and sometimes the service does not work in a certain region or elevation. Like i doesn’t work when you go up to the mountain or other places away from the tower. Other words, it has some black spots. Other that that you are likely to save some money by not having 2 year contract term.

There are three available types of prepaid wireless services on the market today. First is the traditional prepaid service wherein the user will buy a phone and air cards. These cards can be refilled as needed with the use of credit cards. There are also hybrid prepaid services. Unlike traditional prepaid services, recurring charges are added in hybrid prepaid services. There may be additional services offered with hybrid prepaid services, but the advantage is that they still do not come with a long-term contract. Lastly, there are unlimited talk time prepaid cards. These allow the users to make unlimited calls within a small local area. This may prove to be a good alternative for landline users. Note, however, that roaming is not possible with such prepaid cards.

Before buying prepaid services, a user should first consider a number of things. If a person sees that he or she will frequently used his or her phone to call people, it would be better to opt for a postpaid plan that offers lower call charges. Likewise, if the owner is a traveling person, it would also be better to go with a postpaid plan. Prepaid plans are usually not capable of roaming service, and even if they are, they might be way too expensive.

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How To Get A Cell Phone Calling Card That Will Save You Time & Money On Prepaid Calling Card Minutes

How to get a cell phone calling card that will save you time and money on prepaid calling card minutes

Cell phone calling cards offer their users a huge convenience. You are not only free to go wherever you want with your cell phone, but there is no need to worry about an outrageous phone bill at the end of the month. Prepaid phone cards, also referred to as “pay as you go” plans, are ideal for individuals on a strict budget. You can purchase a prepaid cell phone calling card for the value that best fits your needs and your finances.
Prepaid cell phone calling card minutes are also great for teenagers. You can provide them with a calling card each month and once the time has expired, there are no overage charges to worry about. Cell phone calling card providers offer convenient pay as you go services, many offer free mobile phones or special reduced prices on new cell phones. There are also no long-term contracts and few termination fees. People who would enjoy the accessibility of a cell phone for emergencies or to keep in touch with family find the prepaid minutes along with a free mobile phone the perfect choice. Cell phone prepaid calling cards can be easily purchased at a number of common places. Many gas stations, newsstands, and even some grocery stores offer great values on discounted calling card rates.

Cell phone prepaid calling cards which ones better?

Selecting the best calling card provider and cell phone calling card plan to meet your needs can be a difficult decision. There are hundreds of phone card choices. How do you decide which one is right for you? Do you know what you should look for when choosing a phone card provider? Many cell phone prepaid calling cards offer low rates or special calling plans with no monthly fee. Always read the fine print on the card and check for any restrictions that may apply to the calling card. Some calling cards include hidden charges, the most common being that each call is rounded up to the next whole minute. You should also ask about possible connection fees as well as extra charges for long phone calls. You will want to choose a calling card company that offers quality customer service to quickly resolve any problems you may have. Most cell phone calling card providers usually activate the card at the time of purchase and most prepaid calling cards have a short life before they expire. If you will not use your cell phone prepaid calling card very often, you should look for the card with the longest time before expiration.

As you shop for a cell phone prepaid calling card, consider these questions:

  • What plans are available?
  • Are there global roaming rates?
  • What are the service and warranty agreements?
  • What are the contract terms and what are the penalties for breaking the contract?
  • Will the provider allow you to transfer an existing cell phone number?
  • Are there any talk and text packages available?
  • Are calls within the network free?
  • Do they offer any times when calls are free?
  • What kind of coverage is available?

Will a cell phone calling card benefit you?

The most attractive feature of prepaid cell phone cards is the ability to regulate your monthly mobile phone bill. At any given time, you can check your usage and know exactly how many minutes remain on your phone. Cell phone calling cards are becoming more and more popular, especially as card rates continue to decrease, but many cell phone users are still not well informed of the benefits of prepaid calling cards.

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Slash Your Telephone Bills With International Calling Cards

Whether you travel to other countries on business or are a person with relatives settled abroad, international calls could cost you a sum. The steep roaming rates, the charge on incoming calls and text messages add up to thousands. Why run the risk of paying exorbitant bills when there is a workable solution in place?

International calling cards are an inexpensive method to stay connected with family and friends. Find out more on international calling cards right here.

What is an International Calling Card?

An international calling card is similar to a local telephone recharge voucher. However, it differs in its schemes and validity. This card must not be mistaken for a SIM card. This is a prepaid card – a pay as you go plan – used to cash in cellular minutes. you can purchase it in a foreign country or in your home country for use in a foreign country (for when you plan to travel). This telephone recharge voucher can also be used to call foreign countries from the place where you reside.

How does an International Calling Card work?

It is not difficult to use an international telephone card. Telecommunication companies and third parties manufacture and market such telephone charge coupons. The pay as you go scheme is the most popular type. The plan is not billed and neither does it entail monthly fees and rentals. You have to purchase them upfront. They resemble credit cards in their appearance. Each c of a certain value and bears a serial number or secret code.

To activate a coupon, you must first register the serial number with its carrier. Within minutes of submitting the code, the telephone minutes, depending on the value of card, are credited to the phone. The person can continue using it until he exhausts the permitted cellular minutes. Hereafter, he will not be able to use his phone to make calls unless he purchases and activates a new international calling coupon.

When you dial the number you want to contact, you will first be informed about the number of telephone minutes you are liable for. Following this, your call will be connected to the respective person.

Other Considerations

There are different types of international recharge cards. Some are cheaper upfront while some offer better call rates and schemes. The number of minutes on a recharge voucher is influenced by various factors such as the place you are calling from, the place you are calling to, the type of phone you are calling on – landline, cell phone or pay phones and the type of phone you are calling from. International vouchers are valid for a certain time period; usually a year from the date of activation. However, there are also those that do not have an expiration date. There are one way and two-way calling cards. The former only allows the holder to call while the latter enables one to receive calls in addition to making them.

International prepaid calling cards are a cheap and convenient method to make calls overseas. Purchase them today and slash your telephone bills.

Click on the below link to buy International Prepaid Calling Cards.

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How Calling Cards Charge?

Those who have used a calling card in the past may have experience that some calling cards have a flat rate per minute, other cards have other fees associated with them like connection fee, maintenance fee, surcharges per call and public payphone charge. How to do the math? Let’s see the glossary.

* Connection Fee(Access fee)

Most of calling cards don’t have connection fee!
calling cards need connection fee charge every time when the connection is established. Connection fee reduces the advertised number of minutes on the calling card.

* Maintenance Fee

It is charged to maintain services for some prepaid calling cards. This fee may be applied to calling card’s balance within 24 hours after the first phone call is made. Maintenance fee can be deducted from card’s balance every week or every two weeks depending on the card.

* Rounding

This is the basic unit for measuring the duration of a phone call. For example, your call time is 4 minutes and 40 seconds: if rounding is 1 min, your call time will be rounded up to 5 minutes; if rounding is 3 min, your call time will be rounded up to 6 minutes.

* Toll Free Access number

This is a nationwide free of charge access number that You dial to start using a calling card. In the US it is 11 digits phone number beginning with 1-800, 866, 877 or 888.

* Local Access number

Some of the calling cards have Local Access numbers in addition to Toll Free Access number. Local Access numbers are free of charge only calling from particular areas. These numbers are designed to provide better rates for customers.

* Service Taxes and Surcharges

It may be applied to calling card’s balance for every phone call. For example, if the rate is 5 c/min and the tax is 10%, the charge for 10 minutes call will be like this: 10min X 5c + 10min X 5c X 10% = $0.55

* Public Payphone Charge

This charge applies to calling card’s balance for every call made from a public payphone. This is a requirement of the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC requires calling card providers to pay a per call fee to the pay phone carriers for their equipment to be used to place a phone call.

* Validity period

Calling card’s expiration period, that begins on the day of the the first phone call.
The charge of a flat rate card is very simple to do the math. For example, a card with rate 8c/min, 1min rounding, without connection fee, without maintenance fee, without surcharge, the charge of 30 minutes call will be: 30min X 8c/min = $2.4.
Let’s see the charge of a card with extra fee.
Rate: 4c/min Maintenance Fee: $0.60 per month Connection Fee per Call: $0.2 Surcharge per Call: 10% Rounding: 3min Call Time: 29min
The math like below:
Call time: rounding up to 30min
Cost of Minutes: 30 min x 4c/min = $1.20
Surcharge: $1.20 x 10% Surcharge = $0.12
Total Call Cost: $1.20 (Cost of Minutes) + $0.12 (Surcharges) + $0.20 (Connection Fee) = $1.52
The extra maintenance fee $0.60may be applied to after the first phone call is made, and will be deducted from card’s balance every month.

Many calling cards that have extra fees also have very low rates. From the above math, you can find if you call frequently or more time every month the cards with extra fee may cheaper than the flat rate cards.

Save your money and time. I am glad to share experience with you.

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International Calling Cards Made World More Beautiful by Reducing Calling Expenses

In current scene people are moving to different countries to earn name, fame and money. People also visit other countries to watch historical and wonderful places of those countries. International events taking place at some countries also attract people from all over the world. For example, Football world cup taking place at South Africa has gathered people from all over the world. However requirement of making International calls have greatly increased. People can easily make international calls to various countries of world but they worry about calling expenses. Various cheap methods have come into light. Some of these are VoIP cards, International mobile phone cards and access numbers etc.

International Mobile phone card is one of the most effective way to make cheap domestic and international calls. Mobile Phone cards are easily available at local shops, supermarkets and travel agencies. Mobile phone cards are available in prepaid and postpaid forms. Prepaid cards are more in use. Prepaid cards can be disposable or refillable. Disposable cards are discarded when these cards get expired or their balance come to zero. Refillable cards are recharged whenever required. Mobile Phone and access number, your call charges get lowered. For a single destination you can find calling cards of different companies. Cards coming at different prices hold different talk time. International Calling Cards have many advantages besides lowering down call charges. You get total control over your call expenses. You can monitor your call history on your online account. You can make and receive calls at cheap rates even when you are on roaming.

So, If you want to lower down your international calling expenses, buy calling card of that destination. It is available online at This is a famous portal for mobile comparison and mobile shopping. To purchase a calling card on this website, simply select the destination for which you want to buy a card. Different cards meant for that destination will be displayed. Choose and buy any card. Payment options are very simple. PIN code and access number will be sent to you on your e-mail id. Different calling cards have different validity period. It can be of 15 days or 1month or more. You can track call history of calls made through these cards on your online account.

Van Dameny is a renowned author on Telecommunication Industry and has written several quality articles International Calling Cards, Prepaid International Calling Cards.

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Skype vs Calling Card

When comparing services such as Skype vs calling calling cards there are several benefits on both sides . If you want to know the best one you need to remember which one is your top priorities are for example, if you use computer a lot and have access to a Wi-Fi cell phone then your best bet would be to use a service such as Skype, assuming that the person you’re calling is located within one of the 40 countries the Skype Unlimited world plan covers but if that is not the case then a phone calling card is usually the way to go.

The thing is Skype Unlimited plan only cover 40 countries do not make up for the entire world and that people also use cell phones to communicate with one another which are not covered under their Unlimited plan. This way you will have to pay extra to make those calls to countries that are not covered. If you compare Skype vs calling cards rate you’ll find calling card it will be cheaper in most cases.

The one famous feature that you may love about Skype is that you can use your computer to make international call as well as local phone calls. But the real problem is both you and the person you’re calling need to have computer and high speed internet connection and be in front of computer at the same time. For me this method clearly is not flexible.

Calling cards can be found almost anywhere and they are very easy to use. All you need to do is to purchase a certain amount of minutes and get a pin number which will allow you to dial the number you are trying to reach. This was you can make calls any time, any where you want without the need of those heavy computer and high speed internet which can be costly.

Skype’s plans may be quite appealing at first glance but you you have to remember that there may be additional fees if you are calling mobile phones or to countries that are not covered in their plan so make sure to check the rates that they charge for those additional countries because you may end up paying a lot more than you would using a phone calling card. Moreover, it is also important to keep an eye on additional fees such as service fees and connection fees that can be associated with the service. Skype would charge a connection fees while there are calling card that does not do that.

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Top 10 Must-Have Features of the Best Smartphone

Many consumers demand different things from smartphone makers but getting everything is not easy. There are some features that are less important than others and here we are talking about the must-have features of a good smartphone. When one is going to purchase a smartphone, it is an important decision and one should make sure that the essential features are a part of that phone.

1. Platform

When it comes to best smartphone platforms, there are three wide choices: Apple’s iOS, Google’s Android, and Microsoft’s Windows Phone. Android and iOS are the most popular ones and Windows Phone is slowly trying to grab a remarkable share in the market. iOS is used on every iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is simple to use and learn and has enough features to make you productive and satisfied. New and innovative apps make their debuts at this platform on regular basis. Android is rapidly taking over the mobile landscape. This open source platform appeals to massive smartphones ranging from small, three-inch devices to massive smartphones with screens well over six inches in sizes. As developed by Google, it offers the best integration with Google’s services such as Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Contacts, Google Drive, Google Hangouts and many more.

2. Hardware

One of the biggest Android’s strengths is the vast variety of hardware. The powerful android phones have massive screens. Virtual keyboards have come a long way in terms of accuracy and speed. It comes with predictive features, making the lack of hardware keyboard a non-issue for most people. Many of the best smartphone available today feature virtual keyboard.

3. Appealing Design

The most appealing feature of a smartphone is its design. The smartphone should be good-looking and decently built. This is a subjective matter and may vary from person to person but essentially, is an important factor. The phone should be well-built and look good. A good mobile phone must be light weight and small. When trying to purchase next mobile phone, you should make sure that it can easily put into your pocket without much trouble. It should be very portable so that it’s not easy for your cell phone to get lost.

4. Good Battery

The best smartphone also have a good battery. Phones with stronger batteries can last days and battery is a very essential feature one looks in for a smartphones. As more people complain about the battery drainage problem, it is important to take this factor into consideration prior to making the purchase. You should read out online reviews to get an insight about the durability of phone’s battery. The best smartphones have quality battery management system.

5. A Better User Experience

Another quality of the best smartphone is it’s ease of use. It should not take me hours to locate my camera or gallery. The overall experience of using a smartphone should be well optimized or bug free. It should also contain quality applications and a firmware version to make it easy for users to use external files.

6. Screen Size and Resolution

With a plethora of smartphones flooding the market, it is essential to consider the factors that are most comfortable to you. Today, there are so many big phones (phablets) available in the market and you should make sure that the smartphone you buy is comfortable to hold and relatively light weight. Larger screen enables one to see much more and is ideal for elderly and those with vision problems. Screen resolution is the amount of pixels in the screen and when buying a phone, makes sure the display has a resolution of 1280 by 720 or higher. Now, one needs to make the choice for LCD and AMOLED screens. LCD screens have a slight advantage over AMOLED due to accuracy and brightness. Colors are not always accurate in AMOLED displays.

7. Camera

These days, camera is one of the most cherished features. As the craze for pictures and selfies is on the high, the need to choose the right camera phone is becoming increasingly important. To choose the right camera, it is not sufficient to look at the megapixels. You can look at online reviews of the phone’s camera and view sample photos taken with the phone’s camera. You should look at sample videos of the smartphones as well.

8. Software Features

In addition to hardware features, one needs to consider software features as well. The newest and latest phones should have the latest and productive features. Online reviews provide detailed information about software as well. Check out the video demonstrations of the features and watch how these features work. You should access your needs and make sure that they benefit you and make you more productive.

9. Memory and Processing Power

Owing to the increasing competition, manufacturers are stuffing more and more memory and processing cores into the smartphones. Flagship phones have 2-3 GB RAM, Quad Core Snapdragon 600 or 800 Processor, while Midrange Phone specs are 1-2 GB RAM and Dual Core Snap S4 Pro Processor. The device should offer good value for money and provide a satisfactory experience. It should have enough features to do your necessary tasks.

10. Accessories

Last not but the least, here comes accessories. They really enhance the functionality of mobile phone. Flagship smartphones typically offer more support and have a great variety of cases, screen covers, stylus pens and many more. On the other hand, mid range devices are also good choices when you want to save money and by good accessories.


With so many features to look around, almost every phone falls short in one area or the other. You should determine your budgets, the features you want and then shortlist the phones. Online reviews ease your task of finding the best smartphone. As the reviews are unbiased and trustworthy, they help you land to the smartphone of your choice. To get the best android phones, you really need to do some researching before spending your valuable money. Be sure to consider above features while making the purchase.

In this article, Author telling about best smartphone features; that you must remember while purchasing a new one.

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Features of a Great Smartphone Camera

Gone are the days when you would carry a big and heavy camera around your neck. Nowadays, even tourists do not walk around, looking silly and out of place with a large camera hanging from their neck. Barring a few true blue photography enthusiasts, most people nowadays make do with their smartphone cameras. Yes capturing a moment has become so easy that people simply need to remove their smartphone and click a picture to capture it forever. However, needless to say, not all smartphones are really great at capturing pictures. Hence, you need to do some digging by going through mobile phone comparisons and then decide on the perfect smartphone camera. So, what are the factors that make a smartphone camera a success?

A good way to start would be to go through a thorough mobile phone compare. Yes, a good mobile phone compare will help to ensure that you have all the options before you. So, what do you look for in a good smartphone camera? Given below are a few points to keep in mind:

Mega Pixel Count

The most important factor that dictates that quality of images is the mega pixel count of the camera. Most smartphones today come with main cameras that are either 8MP or more. The front camera though, can start from being nonexistent and can go up to 13MP or more, as was seen in the HTC Desire Eye. A bigger pixel count in general means a higher resolution image, although the more pixels you tend to jam into a sensor, you’ll also end up with more noise. So, in the end, although the MP count does definitely play a huge role in the quality of the images obtained, it is by far not the only thing that really dictates the kind of pictures you land up with. Good mobile phone comparison sites will highlight this feature well enough for you to understand.


Several smartphone cameras come with specific zoom, sometimes 4x, and this can even go up to 10x, when it comes with its own zoom lens, as was seen in the Samsung Galaxy K Zoom. Yes, a good zoom means you can focus in on something without letting the image get too pixilated. This is a handy feature for people that like to opt for good photography, although in that case, a phone like the Galaxy K Zoom or the Nokia Lumia 1020 will be your best options.

Camera Apps

One of the most fun features to have in your phone is the camera app and all that it has to offer. Camera apps today offer several interesting features, like adding animation and merging two pictures, besides other fun effects that are sure to be a hit among friends. So look up on what different camera apps have to offer by visiting mobile phone comparison sites.

So, this was all about the features to look for in a good smartphone camera. So, go through all the mobile phone comparisons that you can come across before finalising a buy!

This article was contributed by Roopkatha Dasgupta at KnowYourHandheld, one of the best mobile phone comparison sites you can come across. Go through different mobile phone comparisons to get an idea of what to buy and what not to buy, because a thorough mobile phone compare will help you make the right choice.

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